Friday, October 10, 2014

Event Marketing

In my various volunteer work, I have helped several Not-for-profit groups with their event marketing!

I have come up with a simple formula that seems to work pretty well, so I thought I would share it with you!

So your event is on the Calendar, what now!

One Year to 6 months out:

  1. Create a web site! Domain names are relatively inexpensive and you can most likely post your site on the main charity's hosting account.
    This is a good time to let people know what your event is and generate a teaser of what's to come.

    You can also provide a Paypal button so people can purchase tickets!
  2. Create a Facebook Page (also use twitter, Google plus and whatever social networking you or your board members use on a regular basis) Just for your event, and allow the committee members to be administrators.

    Again, here you will be teasing people about what is coming up and driving them to the web site to purchase tickets.
  3. If you have photos from last years event, get some mileage out of them by posting them!

  4. Make sure your sponsorship structure is in place so you can use this time to help attract potential sponsors. IF you do it right sponsors should start coming to you. Especially when you start featuring each one.
  5. Investigate where you might find matching funds and the steps for achieving them. You may be surprized at how early you have to start!

Five/Four Months Out

  1. Update your teasers with news of the sponsors, hint at the raffle gifts, feature someone participating in your event.

Three Months Out

  1. Now is time to start hitting the Monthly publications in your area. Most of them will give a break to the not-for profit groups and are glad to help!
  2. Continue with your teaser updates
  3. At this point investigate community calendars, and radio/TV stations. Most TV and radio have community service requirements, and if you hit the deadline, you can get your event listed in their community events section (both on the web and on the air - for FREE!)

Two Months Out

  1. Now its time to start hitting the local daily papers with an ad/articles about your event.

    If you have sponsors, it is a good time to tell a little about a sponsor every week - who they are, what they do , and what they are doing for your event.
  2. If you have businesses participating in your event (say its a chowder tasting contest) Get a photo of each restaurant/contestant participating. Each week tell about one of the contestants and what they are doing for your event.

    This is a great way to get the community involves and to feel a since of ownership in the event. It will also get people excited about the given restaurant and give the advertiser more bang for their buck!

One Month Out

  1. Now its crunch time! But since you have been featuring a sponsor and a contestant each month you should have all the marketing materials you need!
  2. Continue updating your Web Site and Facebook - and sending articles to the paper.
  3. Develop your event program highlighting your contestants and sponsors. The more content you have that is NOT an add will add value to your printed materials and increase the likelihood of people keeping them around.
  4. Now its time to get your printed posters out into the community. I strongly recommend including a QR code in ANY printed materials you do. This can send people directly to your web site or Facebook page and INCREASE your follow through on actual ticket sales. Make sure you have a poster Anywhere tickets are available!
Week before the Event
  1. Make sure to contact local reporters and invite them to the event. The cost of one ticket can equal some very valuable press.
  2. Make sure there is an article in the Paper the Sunday Prior to the event - as well as letting people know that if they don't have a ticket now - they had better get one before they run out!

Event Time

  1. Make sure you have someone taking photos of what it going on! This is very valuable for next year - and good for your advertisers!

Day After the Event

  1. Make sure to write up a great article about how fun the event was - who won it (If applicable) etc. Get this to the paper, post it on your social media and on your web site.
  2. You want to let everyone who was there feel great about it AND let anyone who couldn't make it feel like they REALLY want to be there next year.

Week After the Event

  1. Meet with your board. Tally up the numbers. Review what worked and what didn't.
  2. Form your plan to next year.
  3. Update your web site with next years's tentative date, and continue to post photos from the event.

Begin the cycle again!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Adirondack Wood Floor Co

We have just launched a new web site for the Adirondack Wood Floor Co.

We are focusing on an Adirondack brand of engineered wide plank wood floors, and are developing marketing for each species as we go.

So far we have created brochures and a You Tube Movies for Camp Pine Knot (Adirondack Reclaimed Heart Pine) and Camp Uncas (Adirondack White Oak).

The new Web Site is and HTML 5 Responsive site, and has already been receiving quite a bit more traffic than the old site. The blog entries and Google Plus Code have been doing quite a bit to improve traffic.

This week we are moving on to Adirondack Hickory - Camp Eagle's Nest.

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Fullers Corner Store Web Site

I am so Glad Fullers Decided to upgrade!

We were able to take their old web side and give it a slide show commercial on the home pages and embed their Facebook News feed into their news section - giving them the opportunity to post all the great  Happenings in Edinburg to their News page in Real time - without having to contact me!, 

We have a few tweaks to make to the page- but Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kingsboro Lumber Company

Kingsboro Lumber COmpany has been a client for a long time. 

We just upgraded their web site to the new HTML5 responsive format. We also embedded their Facebook news feed into their pages so that they can update their content in real time. This way they can post their weekly ads and specials right on to their web pages.

We added a slide show to the home page replacing the flash movies we did have allowing the content to be viewed on all devices.

We also added a smaller slide show into the header of each page so that we can display links to the manufacturers for each category on each page.

Either of these formats can be used for a "commercial" when having a sale or a special.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hales Mills Country Club
Hales Mills Country Club is a new client and was in much need of an updated web site. 

We put them in the Responsive HTML5 Template, and coordinated their Social Marketing for them. 

Again we embedded the Facebook News-feed into several pages of the web site. They do a good job of posting to their Facebook and this pushed the information to the web site as well. Kind of like one stop shopping for updates!

The New owners of the golf course are working on quite a few new promotions and we are helping them with a grassroots marketing/social networking program.

Just consistently posting the weekly events as events on Facebook and coordinating them with the slide show on the web site, and selectively boosting posts on the Facebook pages our likes have increased, events are better attended, and people are engaged in conversation.

Wine & Roses Restaurant
Wine & Roses Restaurant in Broadalbin NY.

This customer had a web site in the old format and was ready to ugrade to the responsive HTML5 Format.
We had previously used flash as an intro "commercial", and the slider is much smoother and  works better on more devices.

We also embedded their Facebook Newsfeed on multiple pages of the web site, This gives them the ability to put daily or weekly specials on their Facebook pages - and in turn have a live update on their web site. This gives them control of the news and gives them the ability to manage it themselves!


Franks Gun Shops
Franks Guns was a customer who's web site was nice before, but really needed an update to the new HTML5 Format. We added a nice slide show to the front page, and a scroll bar with the many manufacturers he carries.

The challenge for this web site, was to really somehow show a potential customer who has never been to the shop, that there is a massive selection available, especially  the new muzzeloading room.

We also embedded his facebook newsfeed into the pages. He does a good job  updating his facebook, and this gives him the ability to update the content on his web site at the same time!